Monday, January 26, 2009

An eye on plagiarism.

I am just not bothered. I would consider it an honor if some one copies my blog content for any purpose of their own.

After all, isn't imitation the best form of flattery?

But I know people are seriously offended when their web content is used by others without permission. I respect their privacy. Here is a tool for them to keep an eye on plagiarism.

Go to CopyGator. Enter your blog's URL. You will then be presented who are all your blog's FEED subscribers. Very cool-eh?

So, now, you are free to take any form of action on the culprits. But then, RSS feeds are meant to be subscribed-right?

To amuse myself, I did try one of my blog on my own domain and here is what I got from Copy Gator.

"The CopyGator did not find any content from duplicated in the blogosphere yet!

This means we were unable to match content from with republished content elsewhere in the blogosphere, either".

Copy Gators gives you code which looks like the one you see below.

This button changes to red when your blog feed content is republished.

Very cool site really!
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