Saturday, March 19, 2011

Find the worth of your website in dollars now!

The other day, a friend of mine asked me at what rate he can charge text links in his blog. I told him to visit DP forums to get an idea of existing rates based page rank.

Here is a web site that calculates the value of a web site considering several parameters such as page views, revenue earnings, visits etc.

However, such estimations are only indicate. The actual worth is decided by the seller only.

I keyed in the URL of one of my websites into the search box of and here is the result it showed online.

WoW Score for : 3 out of 5


Daily Visits: 800
Daily Pageviews: 2,400
Daily Revenue: $ 3.6

Monthly Visits: 24,000
Monthly Pageviews: 72,000
Monthly Revenue: $ 108

Yearly Visits: 288,000
Yearly Pageviews: 864,000
Yearly Revenue: $ 1,296

Estimated website worth: $ 2,592

Website URL:

When you try this wonderful tool, do not include 'http'.
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