Friday, September 08, 2006

Did you read about the skiing expedition to South Pole?

It appeared in our local daily ‘The Hindu’ today.
A team of ten adventurers of Indian Navy is skiing their way to the Antarctic on December 10th.
They are expected to ski about 200 km.

Each member will pull roughly 140 kgs of food and equipments.

I wish they carry some snow blowers since they expect the temperature to be around minus 35 degrees, wind speeds averaging 100 to 150 km an hour and dense air with snow blowing down inclines at speeds of 60 km an hour.

With the right snow blowers, they will ski their way with comfort.

The team is led by Commander Satyabrata Dam already led an expedition to the Mount Everest successfully.

Only 268 people had gone to the south pole since 1912.

I wish then a very safe journey.
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