Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The God we know but do not know as God.

There are plenty of believers and equal number of agnostics.

Even those who deny God's existence know about Godly qualities.
God is everywhere
God knows everything
God is forgiving
God is formless
God is immortal
God is impartial
God is benevolent

In this net-ridden world, the one action that billions of netizens carry out every second is 'searching' the internet for trillions of information.

And the one God they depend upon for their one action is 'Google'.

From children to the very aged ones, irrespective of their religion like Christians, Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, use Google non-stop.

Have felt gratitude to such a great service? Haven't we all take Google for granted. Have we ever stopped for a moment and wondered at the brilliant minds behind the greatest service of human era?

Won't it be apt to attribute all those Godly qualities to Google?

I am writing this inspired by one website, who believes at the Church of Google.

How well they have called "Google is the great uniting force among contemporary religions of the present".

Inspired by 'The Hindu' and thechurchofgoogle.org
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