Monday, September 18, 2006

I am not kidding when I say I can save you $15,000

You will realize truth behind it when you buy or sell a property anywhere in North America through an integrated FSBO web site.

How is it possible?
Simple mate! Without any help from a real estate broker, you can buy or sell a property online in over 30,000 cities across U.S.A. This saves you about 6% (avg $15,000) of agent commission which you would have incurred elsewhere.

You need not take my words seriously. Just visit and you will know what I am talking is not a tall claim. was started December 2005. is the largest FSBO site of it's kind covering over 30,000 cities in the United States of America. Within each city you can find information including property listings, apartments, public schools, churches, libraries, hospitals and even real estate agents if you choose.

This company was created with a mission; that is to help facilitate a simple real estate commission without the need of using a real estate agent/realtor.

Led by a team of 4 highly experienced professionals, and headed by Stuart C. McHenry III, who is also the president of Site Sift Media, Inc. which owns and operates Stuart created Site Sift Media, Inc. an Internet Marketing company in September 2004.

The most common fear for all of us when dealing with a property buying and selling entity is their genuineness and honesty. You may ask whether the property documents are clean and free of future legal complications.

In this regard you can be absolutely sure without an iota of doubt about their legality.

They have partnered with U.S. Legal Forms, Inc., the leading publisher of State Specific legal forms over the Internet. U. S. Legal Forms, Inc. was founded by attorneys and employs a staff of attorneys and professionals that maintain the site and the products provided online.

Andrew R. Smith the Public Relations Manager for said in a press release “Our goal is to make listing a home for sale a much better experience for the seller in addition to providing unparalleled exposure on the Internet within their local market. Ultimately, the result is that homes sell faster and we make it easier for the buyer to view homes for sale in the area without leaving their home.”

Bookmark this site, who knows when it will be useful to you. You may even end up buying your dream home next month. If you truly wish it, just ask and it will be given. Yes, trust me, it will be given.
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