Thursday, October 12, 2006

Your presentation earns loyalty.

You may spend hours before a mirror to invite second glances but have you ever applied the same aesthetic sense while displaying your wares in an online auction house?

No! It might be the only reason for ending with a meager profit out of your latest auction sale!

Let us peruse over the expenses incurred by you in an ebay auction:
Ebay listing fee; Template fee; You paid them to add a picture of the sale item. There may be more but I know only this many. I have only bought from ebay.

Oh yes, I forgot to add the paypal fee, leaving you with only a pittance for all your effort.

If only had you thought of using a free auction template and graphics, you could have saved quite a lot of expenses and ended with a handful of profit. This could have launched you on your path to become a power seller.

I am sure many of you would have never thought of this business strategy but using an auction template is a smart move for a profitable online auction venture.

You save a lot of time from writing time and again to add new listings and also by presenting it in a beautiful pre-designed template of your choice, you earn repeat customers.

You must let people know that you're not a fly-by-not seller but a real professional. Simple things like adding some graphics, laying out your wares in a neat and orderly manner will certainly make your listing a stand out.

Won’t you look at the picture below twice before moving on?

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