Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Best of Wisconsin vacation.

La Crosse has a large amount of lodging, hotels, and motels for the best Wisconsin vacations.Tourism is an increasingly important source of income and employment for this area and therefore warrants a coordinated and concerted effort to ensure continued growth.

The La Crosse Area Convention and Visitors Bureau is a non-profit umbrella organization representing the area in the solicitation and servicing of all types of travelers to this area.

They are the single entity that brings together the interests of city government, trade and civic associations along with individual 'travel suppliers' - hotels, motels, restaurants, attractions, local transportation - in building outside visitor traffic to this area.

The La Crosse area has a lot of attractions for visitors on vacation. Boat rides, dining, and river cruises are just a few things La Crosse has to offer.

This growth is best nurtured by the role played by a convention and visitors bureau to continually improve the scope and caliber of services the area provides to corporate and association meeting planners, to individual business travelers and to leisure travelers.
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