Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Blogitive’s Money making offer. No selling.

Just forget about these money making ideas:
Starting a new online business that requires a lot selling;
Earning money through affiliate programs without a website;
Paid to read emails, paid to click etc;
HYIPs that requires upfront money but still very risky;
Autosurf to make money which is again involves risk of losing money.

What will be your reaction if I direct you to make money through none of the above methods?

Won’t you say, “Oh yes, thank you very much, please show me the way?”

Blogitive’s first service offering allows you to make money online by writing Blog postings.

For this you need a Blog that qualifies with Blogitive.
If you don’t have a Blog or don’t know what a Blog is, I suggest you go to Blogger.com which is the easiest way to start you own blog.

Once you have a Blog, the popularity of your Blog is important to qualify for Blogitive’s program. You can increase the popularity of your Blog by submitting your Blog into RSS Syndication sites like FeedBurner.com.

It make take a few months to get your blog qualified and meet blogitive’s requirement provided you put in a lot of effort to submit your blog to directories and search engines.

Once your Blog qualifies, you can now participate in Blogitive’s web release program wherein you will receive offers from Blogitive’s clients with a short press release about the client’s website and/or services.

There will also be a word/phrase for you to hyperlink to the client’s website.

You accept the offer and just write a post in your own words about the web release.

Once your Blog posting is approved you will usually earn $5 for the post you wrote for Blogitive. There are people on Blogitive that make $1000 per week through this Web Release Program.

Once you gain experience, then you can move on to utilize NewsNerve which is a service that will be launched by Blogitive. NewsNerve is a service that you can utilize on your Blog or website that will display relevant syndicated news headlines and allow you to earn money from every click that your visitors make.

After about 8 months, you will turn out to be real pro blogger and then you can accept Ghost Writing offers. . You won’t need a website or Blog to participate in this service; you just need to utilize your writing skills.

This blog post is not just a hype readers; I have been getting paid by blogitive since May and let me tell you that I am making good money.
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