Thursday, November 16, 2006

Drive Growth with Customer Profitability Management.

When trying to analyze their company’s growth or it’s lack of it, firms have implemented average-based cost allocation, OLAP and rate-based activity based costing, but has found the results to be insufficient to make meaningful decisions, inaccurate and expensive to maintain.

Acorn does not use averages or rates that have been the source of inaccuracy and expense with traditional activity based costing. Rather, Acorn's innovative Consumption Driven Activity Based Costing solves for customer profitability by accurately driving revenue, direct costs and indirect costs to every individual customer and segment based on the unique transactions of those customers and the services that those customers consume.

Acorn Systems' revolutionary software will concentrate on areas such as supply chain efficiencies, cost allocation and cost reduction.

Acorn’s Activity Based Costing (ABC) solutions will enable struggling companies to confidently measure, optimize and predict costs, net operating profits, EVA, capacity and resources at any level of granularity such as by customer, supplier, product, facility, transaction and more.

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