Thursday, November 16, 2006

How Google Determines Search Results.

I feel like I am the legendry Mohammed Gajini whose 17 attempts to plunder the wealth of India met repeated failures.

I am sailing along in the same boat with million others who are trying decipher Google's algorithm so that they can submit their blue print for ways to get into the top serach results.

So in the process, here is another blog that I bookmarked to come back later to read more about what Mr. Michael Martinez is going to teach me new.

The blogger says that his blog is "an unofficial, unaffiliated source of comment and opinion on statements from Google, Google employees, and Google representatives. In no way is this site owned by, operated by, or representative of Google, Google's point of view, policies, or statements".

Well, taken notice of this fair warning.

Ok, now about the title of this blog post: "How Google Determines Search Results"
Please read this observation of Mr. Michael Martinez.
"in order to present and score" results for a query, Google picks pages that "include the user's query somewhere" and then ranks "the matching pages in order of relevance".

To me, this is a new angle. What about you?

Thank you Martinez.
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