Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Impulsive buying is ok but not when you buy diamonds.

This is an investment; the product is going to be with you for life long.

A diamond necklace or ring is your pride and status. It is your treasured asset that you will pass it on to your next generation and they will do the same.

It should fit your looks, personality and lifestyle. Personal style should be reflected in jewelry.

When you wear princess cut diamond stud earrings, you and other should hear appreciative murmurs ‘Those earrings suits her grace-is it not”?

When you purchase diamond jewelry for yourself or others these are
The questions you may have to answer honestly:
What your job is; what your life is like;
The answers will help the diamond merchant to offer you the best that suits you.

Your personality is part of your wardrobe and your personality should also be part of your jewelry.

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