Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mental Math.

I have seen several companies that are operating in Madras. They charge a big fee which is beyond the budget level of middle class families.

The Learning Mathematics with the Abacus books are great for parents and teachers to use as a fundamental resource to introduce the usage of the abacus to kids in acquiring mental arithmetic skills. They are great even for those of you who have an interest and beginning to learn how to use the abacus.

Founded and incorporated in 2006, is committed in distributing innovative educational products to enhance mental capabilities in young children and adults. products are essentially scientific brain management and technique enhancers that unveil the infinite potential of the human brain.

As sole distributor of mental math products from, a premier Malaysian institution recognized worldwide, sets the parameters in whole brain development using the mental arithmetic training. has been elevating the mental abilities of tens of thousands of students through the Malaysian public schools. Under its guidance and expertise, has set out to offer and similar skills to students in the western world. is committed to creating a new generation equipped for the challenges of an increasingly competitive career environment.

Steered by a leadership with vision, is setting new benchmarks for the industry and is rapidly gaining recognition for its superior educational products.
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