Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A new social networking web site.

I am attracted by the color combinations of this immediately.

“Waive.com is a free member owned and enhanced social networking, where you can make friends, meet and contact others, chat, and discuss music, videos, photos, art, and much more”!

“No advertising allowed! Embrace diversity, honor other cultures, engage in valuable discussions is the goal of waive.com community members”.

“Waive.com is the only member owned community and social networking website on the net. Everything is completely and absolutely 100% free! No Advertising and No marketing, and
no ads everywhere”.

“The goal of waive.com is to allow people from all around the globe to connect with each other, embrace diversity, honor other cultures, engage in valuable discussions, talk, music, meet, date, and visit others”.

“Waive.com is owned by members just like you! When you become a member, you become an owner of this great community and social networking website”.
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rod said...

great website well done!
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