Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The prosperous major Pacific Rim port.

Apart from coffee culture, software entrepreneurship, and Boeing aircraft, CondoCompany.com is the most sought after company for
their luxury condominiums.

Seattle.CondoCompany.com is the leading online portal for Seattle Condos.

Another added attraction for would settlers in Seattle is its lush foliage, and the rainforests in the mountains flanking the city on the east and west, benefit from the precipitation.

Real estate boom is always on the up trend in Seattle because Microsoft which is only 20-some miles from the heart of Seattle in suburban Redmond, Washington, expands constantly with new office buildings going up on several campuses at regular intervals.

Some of the most coveted are that are eyed by many are Kirkland and Bellevue.

Seattle.CondoCompany.com allows owners to market their property directly on their site. This allows users looking for a rental in Seattle to work directly with the condo owner, saving them time and money.

The site receives thousand of unique visitors every day looking to buy sell or rent condos and this site is the number one visited site for condos.
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