Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Black and Gold Tapestry Samurai Sword.

Surprise your friend during this Christmas with the gift of his/her lifetime.

Why settle for the usual drab gift ideas when you can think totally differently?

Say, how about a set of Black and Gold Tapestry Samurai Sword?

*Set of three beautifully crafted 440 stainless steel "sharp" swords.

* Scabbards are tapestry covered and accented by black and gold woven cords which highlight the tightly woven cord on the handle.

*Includes one each of the Katana, Wakizashi, and Tanto Black and Gold Tapestry Swords and a solid wood tabletop display stand with a lacquered finish.

*The Diato is available for sale individually.

Perhaps you want to have a look at Samurai Swords offered at karate depot; they display almost 100 different swords and swords sets with a strong focus on samurai swords.

They have a return policy but I don’t guess you may ever need to know about it.

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