Sunday, December 31, 2006

Get paid to blog.

A recent review by technorati says that 100,000 new blogs are registered everyday and 1.3 million blog posts are made daily.

Bloggers from every part of the world are becoming active more and more. But I suspect many of them are not aware of great money making opportunities from their blogs.

The majority of the bloggers are only implementing contextual ads and a few affiliate ads to earn money from their blogs.

I have been making money from my blogs by other means too since May 2006 and one of them is paid blogging. I have registered my blogs with a few internet marketing giants and they offer me to write about their clients' products are services in my blogs and they pay me anything from $5 to $20 per blog post.

Three days before I stumbled on to one more such service called Loud Launch.

If you have blogs with a decent page rank and if you are updating them regularly, you can sign up with for free and submit your blogs for review and approval.

The actual corporate campaigns are likely to be started by Jan 2nd 2007 only.
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