Tuesday, December 05, 2006

I am not a born seller…

But I do taste success surprisingly easy sometimes. Sure, I could attribute it to God primarily and to the fantastic reference table secondarily.

My counterparts in the other side of the world will readily agree with me about the usefulness of such reference tables to insurance agents.

Now such great facility is extended to clinicians as well by Epocrates' web-based drug and formulary reference which is proving to be a trusted source for many institutions and healthcare professionals.

Epocrates products enable customers to make clinical decisions more quickly and confidently, allowing them to enhance the quality of the patient experience and the level of patient care.

For example, if a patient turns up with persistent heartburns, a clinician registered with Epocrates can quickly access his account and prescribe Prevacid for the treatment of acid reflux disease including erosive esophagitis.

Epocrates, Inc. is transforming the practice of medicine by providing innovative clinical tools at the point of care and deploying leading-edge technologies that enable communication.

Epocrates' products provide objective, accurate, concise and relevant clinical reference information. They have shown a positive impact on patient safety, health care efficiency, and ultimately patient satisfaction.

More than one in four U.S. physicians, students at every U.S. medical school, and hundreds of thousands of other allied healthcare professionals use Epocrates mobile and online clinical reference and support solutions daily.

Not only clinicians prescribe but may also provide their patients with a printed picture of the newly prescribed drug to avoid confusion with other pills.
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