Thursday, February 01, 2007

Check your rankings every week.

Overall, I think this service can be pretty useful to very busy persons who don't have time to keep checking the search engines rankings for their website. is a FREE online service that allows you to check the search engine
rankings for the keywords that you specify. In addition, you can
register for a FREE account and it will check your rankings in Google, Yahoo and MSN every week and notify you when your rankings change.

SEO professionals should add this tool in their tool kit because this tool will provide them with an excellent way to track the success of their SEO campaigns. Their customers will be able to view a weekly log of their keyword rankings for each search engine and how they have changed over

Please visit to try the service and register for a FREE account.
Their service is free of charge for up to 10 search terms/keywords. If you are interested in checking additional search terms/keywords, there is a low monthly fee.
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