Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The most comphrensive technology news web site.

I have never come across a more complete web site exclusively dedicated to technology news and updates.

I have a deep interest in learning first hand about what is happening around the world in the technology field. It is a must for my profession.

Especially when there is something reported in the IT business world, I am immediately attracted to it.

IT Business Edge provides a new, easier, and more effective way for you to stay on top of the IT issues affecting your company – and to help you stay on the leading edge of business IT.

They offer you the unparalleled power of a Personalized IT Intelligence Agent – a service that combines the strength of advanced online search techniques with the critical thinking of experienced industry journalists.

IT Business Edge delivers information to you that is focused, personalized, thorough, practical, concise, and current. Armed with this kind of intelligence, top-level IT decision makers are able to keep track of technical advances and new solutions, and to pursue IT strategies that are right for their organizations.

Warning! This web site very exhaustive so please do not just glance it.
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