Monday, February 05, 2007

The Spicy page.

Due to my busy schedule I have not had the time to introduce to you the Spicy Page which offers great traffic for our websites and blogs.

This is a place one can submit their website or blog and let other members vote, comment and even blog about it.

And this is also an interactive website where members are allowed to contact each other like myspace or orkut.

SpicyPage is a new way of web-ranking solution to determine the best sites or blogs, 100% powered by its members. Discover and bookmark the new and the best sites/blogs out there and connect with people of the same interest as you.

I have listed on of my blogs and though it did not receive many votes, I could see an increase of visitors to my blog.

This site needs extensive promotion, but I believe the members are just using the site and not actively spreading the word.

Kindly Bookmark and Share it:

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