Saturday, February 10, 2007

Use Tinglets please.

This is a sensational tool for web developers and content creator.

Tingelets are a set of bookmarklets that you can place in your browsers bookmark bar. When clicked, they highlight a certain tag or set of tags in a specific color or background tile. They are very handy for quickly looking at web layouts in different browsers. You can either highlight tags directly or type in a tag, id or class name to highlight the matching element(s).

Tingelets are not aiming to replace tools like Firebug or Style xope. They are a nice addition when you want to get a quick overview of a web layout and to spot rendering quirks in different browsers.

A bookmarklet is a small snippet of javascript code stored as a bookmark/favorite. Once you click it, this code is executed. In the background, a small javascript file and the corresponding images are loaded to do the rest. Those files are provided by the tingelets server as a free service for you to use.

There are several links to be dragged and dropped in your explorer tool bar. Try it our for free.
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