Saturday, March 10, 2007

Some collect rare silver coins.

But I buy (don’t collect) silver coins purely for asset values. I never show off my kitty for aesthetic sense but to induce other too buy it for monetary benefits. In future, I intend to buy silver ingots too. Silver fits my budget better than the old Gold.

The pleasure it gives when I buy silver coins from Monex cannot be expressed but to be felt. I got education of my life in investing in precious metals from Monex through their email notifications, CDs that contain invaluable experts’ opinion on bullion market.

Everybody knows that Monex is America’s leading precious metals dealer since 30 years.

During my husband’s business tenure, he has won many silver coins with inscription of Hindu Goddess in sales competition. While I appreciate their beauty, I treasure Canadian Maple Leaf coins that I bought from Monex.

My small bag of silver coins gives me immense sense of security which is more than my bank balance gives. Each coin is .999 fine silver with a face value of $5.00 Canadian currency.

On an investment perspective, silver is the best bet in my opinion.

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