Sunday, April 15, 2007

Buy a house with zero down payments.

For me, owning my own house was given more priority than getting married. I know not all females are like me, but we, a group of college mates had taken this oath in 1980.
“I will not marry until I have my own dream house”.

But time is great separator! We lost contact with many. But I was the only one (I think so) to have kept up my promise.

Selecting a builder or a lender is equivalent to selecting your life partner. This may take time but it is worth spending.

Now, I am going to save you time.

MyCanadaMortgage.Com is an energetic group of Canadian Mortgage Brokers and Loan Specialist dedicated to helping you buy your first house or investment property with or without a down payment.

Yes, that is right-you can get a No Down Payment Mortgage and realize your dream of owning your house before you select your life partner. No need to toil for years to work and save your first down payment for your cozy house. services include 2nd mortgage, debt consolidation, bad credit mortgages and many more if you happen to live anywhere in Canada.

Their website is simple but efficient. Visit them to apply online or call them at 800-961-8943.


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