Monday, April 30, 2007

Lead Attention Meter for every organization.

In this era of measures and meters, automation and computation, the world’s business houses and individual marketers can take the sales to the highest levels with the use of Lead Attention Meter.

What is Lead Attention Meter?

In any manufacturing and trading organization, the top brass struggle to get the best out of their sales force mainly due to lack of atomization. This I am not exaggerating but I am speaking from my experience.

Suppose, you have team of 100 sales persons, sending down their daily sales report to you and you are responsible to pour over it, analyze sales performance, follow up the sales lead that are in the sales reports. This is a mammoth task if done manually.

Now, look at what you can achieve with Lead Attention Meter:

“Lead neglect is attributed to an estimated 80% of all lost sales. Don't let this happen to your business by using the user configurable Lead Attention Meter settings in the AIMpromote lead management system. All 'Open' leads have a Lead Attention Meter, which is used to provide a quick way to see how much attention (or neglect) a lead is receiving. For leads that have been recently addressed, the attention meter shows green.

After a specified amount of time, the Lead Attention Meter™ changes to yellow. Then, more time goes by before a lead is addressed; the Lead Attention Meter™ turns to red. When the Lead Attention Meter™ is empty the lead is 'Neglected' and an alert is displayed at the top of the page. Only 'Neglected' leads produce an alert.”

Who is selling this wonder software?

AIM promote lead management system is the fastest growing lead management and website analytics software provider on the market.

Their CRM software (Customer Relationship Management) can be slightly confusing and overly complex, but AIMpromote gets rid of all the confusion and provides a solution that can be implemented with quickness and ease.

The whole objective of customer relationship software is that AIMpromote will do most of the work, and your team can focus more of their time on making sales instead of managing a CRM application.

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