Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Social Network for movie lovers.

Sure I love to watch movies but may be once in 5 years!(smile)
No, I am not a movie fan but I like movies that is free of violence, perversion and horror.

MatchFlick is a free social networking web site for movie fans. It is a community of movie fans who use the web site to express their opinions and preferences in the realm of film. The site was created in 2004 by web developer and then film student, Seth Leonard.

The goal of MatchFlick is to connect movie fans across the world through shared interests in film and to allow them a forum to voice their unique thoughts on cinema, both old and new.

I am sorry, I could find anything interesting in that website but I am sure it is highly popular among teens who seem to hang about cinema hall most of the times.

Hey, I am not criticizing anyone, after all I was a teenager once.
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