Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sell or buy without an agent.

Why? What is the necessity to involve an agent when you can buy, sell or rent out a place to those who are in actual need?

Blockhunter is a totally new way of finding a place to live. But don't get confused with a real estate website where you find properties for sale. There are no properties for sale on this site.

Normally, you use an estate agent to advertise your house for sale. You hope someone sees your advert and buys your house. Blockhunter works the other way around.

Buyers use this site to register their searches on a map and sellers can then register their house to see if buyers are interested

Registered sellers are NOT advertising their property; your property details remain private.

Blockhunter uses "Blocks" to make this work. A block is just an area on a map. It covers the streets a buyer wants to buy.

Hmm,, nice and new concept really!
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