Friday, August 17, 2007

Read your feeds through IM.

I am reading my subscribed feeds through email only. I am not using any web based tool.

But most generally read either with an online reader or with a desktop too. Now there are other means to read your feeds. For example, one opt to receive the news feeds in their IM client.

The Instant Messenger (IM) has become a communication tool of consequence for many and is fast becoming popular in receiving real-time content alerts. If you wish to receive updates from your newsfeeds on your IM client, in real-time, take a look at the service Anothr .

Of course, you need to be in the logged in state in your IM such as Skype, Google or MSN and you must have already added 'Anothr' in your contact list.

You can subscribe to a feed by directly entering its URL on the IM chat window for the contact Anothr. And to unsubscribe, enter the feed address with the symbol ‘-‘ prefixed (like ‘-’).

Inspired by: The Hindu

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