Monday, October 08, 2007

Save money with Mint.

You don't require any financial software to record all your spending and banking transactions.

A free account with Mint does all the work for you including alerting about where all your money goes. In short, Mint is your very personal finance manager for whom you don't have to pay any salary.

It has plenty of features to write all here; I will make it short.
*Mint is a modern, powerful, easy and secure web-based solution for managing your finances.
*Mint connects to over 3,500 US financial institutions.
*Your account information is updated each night.
*Mint automatically categorizes all your purchases, showing you how much you spend on gas, groceries, parking, rent, restaurants, DVD rentals and more, with amazing precision.
*An advanced alerting system highlights any unusual activity, low balances, unwanted fees and charges, and upcoming bills so you’re in constant contact with your money – effortlessly. 

*And it’s free.

I was concerned about the security and the privacy of my data. But it seems, all data is encrypted. Their hard drives and servers also are encrypted.

But such things are costly-right? So why all these are given free? What is in it for them?
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