Sunday, October 28, 2007

Vent your anger here.

I have read in many books that you should not suppress you anger. Even frustrations can be suppressed but not anger.

We somehow manage to vent our anger on either ourselves or on others who are in our immediate surroundings.

What if nobody is around you when you fuming with rage? Go to Venting Post to vent out. Express your rage, frustrations and even disclose a secret; they too would like to burst out off your mind.

Your privacy and anonymity are safeguarded there. Read others' postings, comment on them. This way, you can share your concern for others and others also care for you.

" is a safe and fun place to let loose with your confessions, rants and raves about whatever is eating you. We believe that everyone deserves a private place to vent and we created".
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1 comment: said...

I Found a great place to do this as well!! You throw people under the bus!