Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Wonderful resources at Rate it all.

Rate it All is a website where one can register for free and create a web list of anything they desire.

For example one can create a list of web sites where one can find great places to market their website. Or we can create big list of web sites that offer socializing facility-you know those social networking.

For example, I have created a web list of paid to blog sites. One can view this list, rate them, add comments and write reviews for the benefit of others.

There are plenty categories to list your web list. Also, you get paid by a share of advertising revenue they earn. f you have Googe AdSense account, you can give your AdSense id and earn a few dollars monthly.

When visitors view your list, they are shown a widget containing your list which they can place it in their blog. You can also do likewise.
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