Monday, November 19, 2007

Become a street advisor.

I know many streets in London, New York and Paris even though I have never visited those countries.

Rue de Berry, Champs Elysees, Park Avenue are some that come to my mind immediately. You come across all these familiar places in novels written by James Hadley Chase, Robert Ludlum and Sidney Sheldon.

When I am going to read about my own street in a novel? If you are like me and would like your own street appear in the Internet, here is a chance for you.

Visit Street Advisor, a place where people can finally voice their opinions about where they live, have lived or simply visited! As they rightly pointed out, our street is our real community, where our home is and where we grew up and where our children will play, reminding us of our earlier days.
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Brian Blank said...


Great post! I think you definitely captured the spirit of the site. What I like about it is I'm a renter and don't own a home but it is a great tool to find out about the neighborhood before you move or even finding out more about your own neighborhood...the hidden gems!