Monday, December 31, 2007

Demo of dental cosmetics.

Anticipating shooting pain, we close our eyes tightly but keep our mouth wide open for the dentist to do his work on our teeth. Sometimes, we wished to see what exactly the dentist is doing.

Please visit this website Cosmetic Dentistry Guide and watch the graphics on the home page. It demonstrates how the dental veneers are fixed to make you smile thousands times a day.mrgreen

And I hope you know that dental veneers are used to transform the 'not so beautifully aligned teeth' into a brand new straight white smile as seen on tooth paste ads.

The website is very neatly laid out and the content is highly informative. The website sports a forum which I think is recently launched that is evident from the total number of registrants (only 31).
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Dental Focus said...

Its quite interesting to get demos of dental cosmetics. interesting and informative for all.

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