Sunday, December 16, 2007

Did you try this?

Before buying a book on stock market investing or a baby product, surely we all would like to know if anyone has tried that and if so, what is their opinion on the product.

But where to ask such questions? On news papers, web forums or any shopping related web site?
Here is a solution for all of us. Go to Try This.

TryThis is the perfect place to get recommendations, feedbacks and opinions on what to buy, where to go and whom to ask. It is a community based recommendation site. When you ask a question, the community gives you suggestions.

Here are a few questions that will give you an indication about what to ask:
*My bf is really into computers and game stuff....but Ive gotten him a lot of that type of stuff in the past. Any ideas of what to get a boyfriend?

*This question is asked by me.
"Social bookmarking sites-do they follow or not?
I wan to to know whether all the social bookmarking websites like Reddit, Delicious follow links or not. "

I am reproducing the answer I got for my question.
"To be completely sure you'd have to analyze the source code of the html to see if it is tagged with "no follow." Here is a list of sites that DO NOT USE "no follow".

This website is quite useful to me and I hope it can be to you too.

However, their facility is not very effective.

Thank you
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