Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Paymate goes abroad.

Probably, many Indians are not yet aware of various payment gateways that accept payments for a load of utilities that include, mobile phone bills, dish antenna bills, credit card bills and so on.

Of the several payment gateways, Easy Bill is the most popular and widely accepted mode. What is attractive with Easy Bill is the number of outlets opened that has Easy Bill facility.

Today, I was reading Mashable and he has mentioned about another Indian based payment gateway called Pay Mate. I immediately paid a visit and this is what they say about themselves:

"PayMate is the first of its kind mobile payment service in India, which helps transform your phone into a wallet. So, now you can shop online, buy movie & airline tickets, send flowers & gifts, pay your bills, subscribe to newspapers and magazines, pay for goods at your favourite restaurant and retail store, using your mobile phone.".

But Pay mate is currently partnering with only one bank (Corporation Bank)whose credit and debit cards can be used with Pay mate.

Quoting Mashable:

"India-based PayMate, a mobile payments company, is making its way to America."

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