Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Approach A.E.Feldman for high paying jobs.

A feed aggregator delivered this in my desktop news reader today:

We assist thriving small companies looking to expand their capabilities; and we locate, research and match potential merger opportunities that complement and generate synergy with the goals of parent companies.”

My first reaction was to find out who the ‘We’ are. As my son is aspiring to become a M.B.A graduate and want to work in the U.S., I thought this information on the rss feed would be of some use to him though I don’t know how. It is his job to figure out. He is about to complete his computer engineering degree.

The ‘we’ is A.E. Feldman Associates Inc, located in New York. My son hit the jackpot because his dream is to work in one of the high rise towers in New York.

Since 1967, A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc. has maintained a high standard of service and commitment in the recruiting field. They are more active in the field of financial institutions and helping them employ high profile candidates for risk management jobs and corporate finance management jobs.

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