Friday, January 11, 2008

Real Estate website of a different kind.

Have you heard of Adrian Liang? Nor do I till today. Now I wish I had known him for a long time. He is brilliantly creative and designed his real estate website in an innovative way.

How many websites in his niche have you seen with maps showing the locations of the properties on the home page itself? opens with a map of New York city and the properties for rent are shown in a clickable balloon. has broker reviews, searchable local interest information (such as restaurants, stores, and schools), and public transportation information combined together in a Google maps mashup. Users can rate brokers and comment on their listings, pointing out discrepancies between the description and actual unit, or providing additional information on local interest points.

Movable maps:
I have never visited New York city but I have heard of several landmarks and Brooklyn is one of them. I searched a for an apartment in Brooklyn and landed on a page half of which occupied with various listings of properties and the other half of that page (split vertically) showed a map that can be moved with the help of the mouse to view the exact location of the properties listed.

You do one thing; visit this page and you will know what I am talking about.
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