Friday, February 29, 2008

Feeling poor? Then visit....

Let me come to the title a little later. You will understand the reason when you have read the blog post till the end.

I am a very busy person. I hardly have time to talk to my husband. So where is the opportunity to get bored? I am afraid not. But that doesn't mean all are like me.

There are people who simply like to get bored. I mean it. I have encountered such persons in my life and I never meet then again. I avoid them. I am in no mood to tolerate them.

Then what mood I am in currently? Full of life and hope. Well Internet, rather has a suggestion or me. It will take me to a website that reflect my current mood. Do you want to know where I was took? It is here:
It is a game site and I really enjoyed it.

I wanted to find out where I will be taken if I say I feel poor. I will be taken to... you guessed it right, will be taken to 'Help the homeless'.
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