Monday, February 25, 2008

Workout your browsing cost.

I informed by my online friend that I used to workout my cost of time and I concluded that working for Mahalo is almost like working for free. The rate of pay is that much low when compared to blogging for money.

When my friend asked how do I work out the cost, I told her that I keep track of my working hours.

I saw a blog post by today about some FireFox tools that monitor our browsing history and warns us if we spend too much time on a particular website. I immediately thought of Mahalo and if these tools will help me accurately calculate my working hours on Mahalo.

I was really surprised to find out when I fully read the blog post by Mashable that Mahalo is excluded. What do I gauge from this?

Oh yes, on these FireFox tools, I liked this tool "Timer" - a very simple extension that does nothing but count the time from when you start it until you tell it stop. Good way to at least monitor how much time you’ve been in front of your web browser.
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