Tuesday, April 29, 2008

India's first online comparison shop.

Hurray, India woke up at last. With several million Internet users in India, I wondered why there is not a single comparison shop online for Indians in India.

Today, I came to know about Bechna.com (a Hindi word for selling). I think it is a slow profile website as far as traffic and popularity is concerned.

The website design is pretty ordinary but the site is loading pretty fast. Information on products is elaborate and this is useful to all. It is so unlike many western online comparison shops that carry very little information about individual products.

But not all products carry full information. For example, I clicked on a T-Shirt link and there is nothing there-not even the the manufacturer's bio. Oh, it is only a comparison shop. Not a real online shop. I understand.

This T-shirt's price is pretty expensive.

I browsed a little more on health care products and found the price too steep. No, I will not use this site.
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