Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Teach your toddler.

Teach my toddler is a useful website for all parents who are intent on entertaining their toddlers and at the same, keen on educating them.

Are you with me?

I hope you are not an old fashioned parent who still believes in comic books and jiggles. New world kids are really fast on catching up with anything to with numbers and odd tech stuff.

In their web release issued in Feb 2008, they say that Teach My Toddler is the first all-in-one learning system for toddlers. The compact case known as the Toddler Tote contains all of the necessary teaching tools to help the toddler in your life master their basics.

The tote is divided into 4 sections, one for each basic skill; the alphabet, numbers, shapes and colours. Each section has matching puzzles, teaching charts, board books and flash cards. Give your toddler a head start today!

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