Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Creazy Egg reveals visual web traffic analysis.

When one of this blog reader emailed me to ask me if I know of any web tools that presents web traffic analysis in visuals, I searched for key words "Web Traffic Visualization" and found out about Crazy Egg.

If you happen to have your own domain and host, yoy would have seen some web traffic analysis presented in not so appealing format in your control panel.

But visualization tools use a variety of methods to show you where users are clicking on the individual pages of your web site to help you make design adjustments that emphasize the right links and content.

Crazy Egg is for those:
* want more ad revenue
* care what visitors do
* need to make improvements
* like things that are easy

In short, it will tell you where people click based upon the things like referrers, search terms, operating system, browser, etc...

A screen shot that reveals top 15 referrers:

Crazy Egg is very popular among serious web masters.
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