Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Low cost advertising on senserely.

I have been associated with senserely.com since the year 2006. The reason I am still sticking to it is the number of reads my blogs get.

For newcomers, Senserely is an AdSense revenue sharing website and is ranked number one in this industry. Of late, I see that site stuffed with ads from several sources besides AdSense from Google.

At the end of each post, SenseRely has created some big space for advertising and it seems James Colin has leased it out to a website called Project Wonderful where one can bid on winning to rent out the ad space.

The current rate is only around $0.30 per day and advertisers can clearly set the number of days the ad can run depending on the thickness of their wallet.

Project Wonderful has displayed the visitors and clicks statistics on the ads placed at that space and I believe the statistics is provided by Senserely.

James Colin is an active man with honesty and integrity. He is a good human being.

I would advertise if I have something to sell.
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