Saturday, September 06, 2008

Share your PC privately.

I wished to have found out this facility much earlier. I always wished to share some of my folders containing music, internet marketing ideas, and great pictures with my friends and relatives that have common interest.

Usually, sending these files is cumbersome as their size prevented me from sending as email attachments.

Giga Tribe is a great utility tool through which you can share files, folders, pictures and music very privately with anyone you invite. The sharing takes place in an encrypted format ((Blowfish encryption with a 256-bit key).

Gist of features:

GigaTribe is software that allows you to exchange files with your friends on a private network.
You create your private network by inviting your friends.
No one can join your network unless invited.
You can dismiss or ban your guests at any time.
Your guests can't see each other on your network

This amazing software has received wide acclamation from all the leading PC and Software magazines that include PC World, .net, PC Direct, PC Magazine etc.

Hello, this software is free man!

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