Sunday, November 16, 2008

An alternative to Notepad.

I don't think anyone is looking out for a replacement to Window's Notepad which itself is mostly by ancient word processors and HTML beginners. I too use it very rarely but useful definitely.

TextPad 5.2 is a powerful, general purpose editor for plain text files. Easy to use, with all the features a power user requires.

The description of this tool at the web site goes like this:
"Whether you simply need a powerful replacement for Notepad, a tool for editing your web pages, or a programming IDE, TextPad does what you want, the way you would expect. "

Here is a screen shot:

Looking at this screen shot, it seems much more versatile than MS Notepad. I read the available features and I must agree that this an excellent web tool.

It's available from this web site on a try before you buy basis, so please download
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