Friday, November 21, 2008

Tickets for Las Vegas shows.

When I landed on the home page of, I was surprised to find excellent details and descriptions of so many Las Vegas Shows, clubs, tours and night life of Las Vegas. I have never seen a web site that gives the complete ‘things to do and places to see’ details.

For example, what one can experience in a Hose of Blues is written vividly and this is totally new to me. They have written that there is a touch of voodoo vive in this venue.

And then, the idea of Rum Jungle intrigued me as a place of visual delight apart from the usual booze and music.

But I wish, I could see pictures of the shows and tours for which they are selling tickets online at competitive prices.

I think at the time of my visit, the website must be facing some snags because I noticed error messages when I clicked on the ‘next’ that appears below the place where an image should have been.

But, is the best place not only to buy tickets for Las Vegas shows but also a place for knowledge about the shows, tours and clubs of Las Vegas.

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