Saturday, October 23, 2010

Feed directory for home and real estate blogs.

You know I am a collector of resources for bloggers and webmasters. I am madly in love with Internet marketing and I love the job.

Today, I have found two RSS feed directories that are in the niche of home and rel estate. I have a blog called "The Shelters" which is focused on introducing everything that you need for your home-whether you live in a dingy apartment or in an independent house with sprawling garden in the front and at the back.

Here are the two RSS feed directories that you can use if you are in the niche of home and real estate. The submission is a breeze and if you take time to browse through the huge database of feeds arranged in various categories, you are in for a real treat.

* Realty Feeds - directory of real estate feeds and podcasts

* RealtyFeedSearch - search for real estate feeds

An excellent way to build up relationship with the bloggers in the same niche.
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