Monday, March 09, 2009

7 trillion shirt designs.

There is a famous proverb in Tamil, "Aal pathi, aadai pathi".

It means your dress reveals 50% of you. I keep telling this to my husband who is one of the poorest dresser. But it is an irony that every dress that he wears make him look good. He has a fine taste but somewhere along his life, he lost the interest to dress with care.

May be he will change when he visits shirts my way that lets him design his own shirt and buy. The range is too big there with 7 trillion shirt designs. I believe no two shirts can be alike with that many options. The site is promoted by two Danish men. is the place for women actually in my opinion where they can design the shirts for their men. I believe men are poor designers.

This is a HongKong based shop.
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mahesh said...

some men dont have dressing sense.........

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