Saturday, January 16, 2010 - the coolest consumer review site.

Hmm.. one more on the horizon-the consumer review sites are probably a big money spinner for webmasters. There is a psychioogy involved in it.

We all tend to read what is new in a consumer review site or we try to find reviews for products that are not published in our other favorite review sites. Taking into advantage of this fact, webmaster bring out new consumer review sites.

The latest entrant is - the coolest consumer information and review portal.

But I find nothing new in this site except for the fact that the site is well monetized. Apart from that, you can always share your opinions on products or services. Rate them, comment on them or simply make friends by posting your own diaries and photos and exchanging email or sending them private messages.

Yes, I believe in building contacts and mailing lists through such portals.
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