Monday, June 28, 2010

Come, download your worries here.

We assume that there are few loners in this world who are poor in one aspect of their life and that is companions.

To some extant we are right but even when among a crowd, you can spot loners. There may be a lot of worries for them and they have no one to share it.

I call them to Worry Pad ( Freely download your worries and find people to cheer you up.

Share your worries and get cheered up. See below samples of offloaded worries:
* I worry one day I will stop worrying about the things that are worth worrying about.
* I am afraid Spain is not going to beat Chile and go home early.

Of late, I read more worries of football fans about their country's prospects in the 2010 Football world cup.

Worriers are given even advise and solutions at times.

What a novel website!

WorryPad is a free service where anyone can share their worries and get cheered up by other users..
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