Monday, July 26, 2010

List of get paid to blog sites

Where do bloggers find websites or individuals that hire bloggers to do sponsored reviews, ghost blogging and guest blog posting?

Are there online marketplaces where announcements for bloggers can be posted by those looking to hire bloggers?

Yes, there are more than 16 such online marketplaces where bloggers find freelance blogging jobs.

Plus, there are as many as 44 websites that hire bloggers to write sponsored posts and guest posts.

I have compiled all such resources in a PDF file and selling it fir just $10. It is fixed at an affordable price by all pro-bloggers who are looking to earn money by blogging.

Go to 'List of get paid to blog sites'.
It is my own site and I have compiled the valuable resources on my own over a period of 5 years of my pro-blogging experience.
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